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Flexfuel Engine Cleaning

Flexfuel Engine Carbon Cleaning

Eliminate carbon deposits, reduce fuel consumption and regenerate your engine!

Carbon emissions are the cause of a number of engine problems such as clogging issues, loss of power, poor utilisation and even mechanical failure. Carbon emissions are also toxic for the environment and are worsened by carbon’s deteriorating effect on engine performance.

It’s the combustion process inside your vehicle’s engine that is responsible for producing soot deposits in cylinders, pistons, particle filters, EGR valves and turbos (carbon clogging). There are many detrimental effects of carbon clogging, including difficulties starting your engine, decreased engine performance, increased fuel consumption and risk of MOT failure (emissions testing).

How can Flexfuel engine cleaning help?

Certified by the Ministry of Transport, Flexfuel Hy-Carbon technology offers a unique and patented solution to engine clogging. The process removes carbon deposits from deep inside engines by injecting hydrogen into the intake manifold.

The passage of hydrogen through the engine ensures the regeneration of all its components. Once regenerated, the engine rediscovers its torque, faults are corrected and pollutants are reduced by more than half.

Why choose carbon cleaning with hydrogen over chemical additives?

Hydrogen carbon cleaning is the result of the development of a natural phenomenon – the enrichment of the air/fuel mixture within your vehicle’s combustion engine. The process is highly effective and non-aggressive, as it doesn’t introduce any corrosive chemical products into your engine. Carbon deposits are simply dissolved in the engine and then expelled naturally with the exhaust fumes, which are collected in a filter designed for this purpose.


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